Manage Work Orders.jpgThere was a time when all you needed to finalize a business agreement was a handshake between colleagues. That was it, a simple handshake.

We don’t live in that time anymore.

Get our free ebook to improve your profit lineToday's modern business market and its business agreements require managers to process large streams of data as quickly as possible while managing their existing relationships down to the finest detail. We’re past the handshake phase, that’s for sure, but if you’re able to harvest the power of your incoming data and effectively manage your existing agreements, the benefits to your company can be more than you ever expected.

To do this, enter the work order management system, a software solution designed specifically to help managers accomplish the previously mentioned tasks. On the surface, your cloud-based work order management system can help you process work orders, but when you dig deeper, it can be so much more.

Here are four key areas where a work order management system can help your business.

* Operational visibility. Attaining operational visibility in today’s data-driven culture can be difficult, particularly with information coming from so many channels. Investing in a work order management system provides insight into your day to day facilities spend. Customizable reporting provides real time visibility into your entire portfolio, certain regions, or even specific stores.

* Vendor management. Success in the modern business world depends, in large part, on successful vendor management. A work order management system requires vendors to check in and out and blocks them from charging for extra time. In addition, you are able to score vendors and technicians allowing you to discover performance gaps that otherwise may go unnoticed.

* Asset management. Knowing whether to repair or replace an asset can be difficult. Utilizing a work order management system allows you to easily track the work history of assets to help make that decision. You can also group assets by category, region, etc. to help you with capital planning.

*Cost Savings. Investing in a work force management system saves you money in a number of ways. The data at your fingertips makes it easier to enforce warranties and ensure manual checks are done. You can also use the system to set not to exceed thresholds. In today’s market, the system’s role as a budgeting tool could be invaluable.

Learn more about work order management systems today

From vendor management to data visibility and budgeting assistance, the potential benefits of a work order management system exist for every level of your operation and learning more about them is easy. Topco Indirect can provide you a free demo of the software to help you better understand your work order management options and how this technology can help you. All you have to do is contact us today.