Blog_Shopping Apps.jpgThere’s an app for everything these days, and as a grocer, you may have an app of your own that you use to market your store and support customers' needs. Yes, it's great to have an app that can do so many things for your business but many companies overlook third-party apps and how they could support their overall mobile strategy. 

Stay ahead of what's trending in the grocery industryBelow are a couple of apps that you should consider utilizing to grow your customer reach.


Shopkick allows its users to gain incremental rewards by shopping in your stores and it allows retailers to connect with their customers throughout the entire path to purchase.  Using the app, retailers can drive new customers into the store, motivate current customers to shop more frequently and drive category consumption. Beyond evolving the customer experience, the app can educate the shopper about certain products and allow stores to understand their consumer behavior.

While shopping consumers complete various tasks which get them “kicks” which can later be redeemed for free gift cards. This reward system motivates the shopper to keep using the app and coming back to your store.


An industry leader in smartphone shopping apps, Ibotta offers its 22 million users hundreds of personalized digital coupons each shopping trip. Grocers who integrate with the Ibotta app have seen large increases in foot traffic and more items sold per visit. Without cannibalizing your store offers, Ibotta users search for additional savings opportunities while shopping with their smartphone in your store. Once the selected Ibotta offers are redeemed, users get a cash back deposit into their Ibotta account.  

Ibotta works with retailers’ loyalty card platforms which encourages customers to sync their loyalty card information with the Ibotta app. Private brand campaigns can be created and appear on Ibotta as well, making your store more enticing in the marketplace and supporting future sales.

Expanding your app arsenal

There’s an app for everything these days, and because of that, one app simply won’t do anymore. Empowering your customers’ shopping experience with third-party apps offers your guests great benefits and helps your store stand out in a crowded marketplace — and that's a win-win.

To learn more about these apps and other solutions that may help you grow your business, contact our Marketing Team today.