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When it comes to operating systems, HR departments are defined by two models. The first is the workforce management system, tasked with handling the day-to-day timekeeping duties of running a business. The second is the human resource information system (HRIS).

In simple terms, your HRIS system is your big-picture option, one that focuses on career-defining events like hire and promotion dates, performance review data, annual enrollment information, benefits statements and career development. These are the historic moments that define a career, and because of their importance, you want the best system for the money that you can find.

Topco Indirect can help with that.

Optimizing your HRIS

As a strategic sourcing provider, Topco Indirect’s HR team partners with companies every single day to help them find the best solutions for the challenges they face in a competitive market. In the human resources world, this includes optimizing their HRIS.

When we partner with our clients to work toward upgrading their HRIS capabilities, our first goal is to learn more about their existing system. In some cases they could already be partnering with a vendor for this service; in others, the system could be something they created in-house. In either event, completing our internal survey helps us better understand what you need from an HRIS as well as recognize the pain points of your current system. Whether it’s a lack of central recordkeeping capabilities, poor reporting and authorization, or too much back-and-forth, we take notes of every difficulty you face and use this information as a basis for what to avoid in future systems.

Once we have gathered the information regarding your needs and pain points, we can use this data to create a formal RFP which outlines your needs to suppliers. After reviewing the results of the RFP with you and you’ve decided upon one or more suppliers who fit the bill, we will join you and the supplier at the negotiating table to ensure your new HRIS system delivers on everything you expect while providing exceptional value for your spend.

A long-term partner

The deal is signed and your new HRIS system is on its way, but we know the work isn’t done. That’s why we stay with your business all the way through implementation to provide the subject matter expertise you need and the assistance you deserve. And if there’s a problem, we’ll handle it for you immediately. After all, we understand that while an HRIS system is designed to capture your long-term HR goals, it still deserves a prompt, decisive solution.   Contact Topco Indirect to find out more. 


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