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Payroll, mobile records and timekeeping are all essential components of your workforce management system. Together these pieces form the lifeblood of your business’s day-to-day operations. Ideally, these records provide a crystal-clear view of the daily expenses incurred and opportunities for you to cut costs and preserve your narrow margins. But have you ever considered the possibility that one of those needless expenses could be the system itself?

Finding the perfect workforce management system for your business

Your workforce management system is an integral part of your business, and if you purchased one that wasn’t tailored to your needs — or created one in-house — it probably includes several pain points as well. Perhaps your system delivers inadequate reporting, provides no authorization on payroll or has no central recordkeeping. Many companies try to mitigate these problems by creating “work-arounds”. They don't realize there is a better way to find the workforce management system that best suits their business needs.

Topco Indirect can help you find it.

To determine the perfect workforce management system for our clients, we start by identifying key pain points that already plague their existing model. And while we're learning what's wrong, we're also focused on what it will take to make their workforce management solution right. Our internal survey system captures data for both of these needs by recognizing needs and identifying opportunities that better match their business. 

Once we’ve compiled this valuable data, we create a Request For Proposal (RFP) designed to find a vendor capable of delivering on these needs. We then sit down with our client and the vendor for face-to-face negotiations to ensure the client receives the best value for their spend.

Once an agreement is reached, our commitment continues. We move on from negotiating to overseeing the system's implementation process in order to ensure the smooth, seamless transition and continued efficiency with your chosen workforce management system. Contact Topco Indirect today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect workforce management system for your business.

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