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Maintenance, repair and operating supplies, often referred to as MRO, are not any grocer’s favorite line item on the budget but they are a necessary cost of doing business to ensure your store(s) meet or exceed corporate standards.

However small of an expense, these costs are necessary, and grocers don’t look the other way when trying to lessen their expenses.

Value of Strategic Sourcing to manage your costsThe industry is historically frugal when it comes to MRO purchases, and many grocers doggedly price shop even the smallest projects. Given the tight margins and intense competition of the market, this is understandable, but when it comes to MRO shopping even the lowest prices have a hidden cost. The more time grocers spend hunting for the lowest-cost solution for their MRO needs, the less time they have to interact with their customers and improve the overall experience in their store or safety of their operations. They risk falling behind when they don't need to. 

There is a better way.

Obtaining the best MRO solution without the price shopping

At Topco Indirect, we understand how important cost-effective MRO solutions are to our client base of mostly grocery retailers and wholesalers. That's why we take the need to price hunt out of the MRO equation so our clients can focus on the solution that best meets their needs. Our relationships with MRO providers ensure our clients have access to a wide network of MRO solutions without the search so they can find the best solution for their needs in no time. 

In addition, our clients have access to other benefits including planned purchase support and established prices from dependable and reputable vendors. This allows our retailers and wholesalers to rest easy knowing they are getting a great price and can focus on improving operational efficiencies.

And for grocers looking to plan future projects, Topco Indirect’s group purchasing program can help them dramatically slash their MRO expenses through the power of aggregation, making pre-work and planning even easier to do with fixed lower costs that can be counted upon. 

To learn more about how Topco Indirect can provide support and take the hunting and wasted time out of any MRO purchase, contact us today.