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Helium and balloons: They are two peas in a very distinct pod. But while their value to your store is directly reflective of each other, the manner in which you acquire them couldn’t be more different.

The purchasing of helium is less complicated than purchasing balloons. Yes, helium is packaged in tanks, and those tanks are roughly the same anywhere you go, HOWEVER, you still need to understand your strategy and how it will be supported. It is an easier pricing game than balloons but be sure to know your plans when sourcing it.

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Balloons, however, are another matter, and partnering with the right provider can make the difference between driving additional sales and a product that floats listlessly in the wind.

How the right provider can help your balloon sales

Any supplier will be happy to sell you balloons, but the best providers will help you move your newfound inventory at a profit. Topco Indirect’s balloon program places their members and customers in partnership with experienced providers who do more than simply stock the product; they step in and help stores make additional sales and earn new revenue.

Through the program’s merchandising support, balloon suppliers will work with you to place product in optimal areas where they can support upselling and higher totals. Balloons in close proximity to greeting cards is a common strategy, but your merchandising manager may also see opportunities for placement near toys and other sections popular with younger shoppers.

Using the program to support future growth

In addition to support in your initial placement strategy, the balloon program will also provide you ongoing support to drive future sales. You’ll be sent reminders to customize your order before prominent times of year such as Valentine’s Day and graduation season and you’ll also receive new product updates when inventory appears that reflects the latest film releases. Just remember to be conservative with your order as trends change quickly but supply may not.

In addition to these benefits, you’ll also have access to a listing of the top-selling balloons in your direct market so you can check to see that you are carrying the most sought-after product and learn more about what your competitors are selling. And if a certain balloon is missing from your inventory, or you need to reorder, placing a new request can be done with a quick call to customer service or by submitting your order through your customer portal.

Learn more about the balloon program today

It can be easy to see balloons as just another item in your inventory, but the opportunity to make this high-margin product stand out exists, and Topco Indirect’s balloon program can help. Contact us today to learn more about the program and how we can partner with you to take your balloon sales to new heights.