Hands-On Individualized Solutions

Blue_Button_Get_Our_Brochure_Now.jpgOur Waste Solutions team will work directly with you through to customize your waste solutions needs. We work closely with your team to find cost cutting solutions to your solid waste and recycling programs that will maximize your efficiency. Gain control of your waste removal processes. Our program is:

                          > Individualized    > Needs Based    > Cost Cutting    > Comprehensive

We work directly with each of your properties, making individual store visits to identify problems and suggest best practices. We will audit your invoices and hauling reports to ensure that suppliers are complying with contracts and to make certain that you are maximizing hauling efficiency. You will see results quickly and enjoy lower costs and greater efficiency!

Cardboard Recycling

Why recycle? In many states, all cardboard, paper, and non-waxed cardboard products are banned from disposal. Retailers, in today's tight financial market, recycle cardboard because it saves money on waste discposal costs. Recycling is a responsible practice because it helps conserve valuable resources, reduces pollution from production of new materials, and creates jobs. Retailers who practice recycling of cardboard can sometimes bale or compact it and receive revenue for the service. Topco Waste Solutions has mill-direct relationships with top tier companies (RockTenn/Smurfit, Pratt, International Paper, Georgia Pacific), and with smaller mill buying groups to ensure our customers get the best price and rebates for their cardboard recycling.SPACE

Compactor and Baler Rental

The Topco Waste Solutions team is excited to offer an opportunity to rent trash compaction equipment at rates far below market prices when you join the program - with no capital investment. The benefits are many:
   • Trusted proven program
   • Lower monthly costs
   • No capital investment
   • All new equipment
   • We own and maintain the equipment for you
   • No barriers to exit your hauling agreement
   • Flexible - choose options that meet your needs

Topco Indirect Equipment programs save you time and money

Organic Recycling

Promote sustainability and reduce waste disposal expenses by processing food waste using farms, animal feed processors, compost facilities, and anaerobic digestion. Our program helps control key cost drivers such as energy, labor, and local disposal fees. Why join us? 100% of participants increased their revenue! We offer market intelligence, category expertise, proactive knowledge of industry trending, market levels of rebates, and deep supplier relationships in the industry.


Waste Removal

Our Waste Removal program gives you an opportunity to join existing contracts, work with local suppliers, control fuel costs, and realize significant annual savings. Participants in the program have realized savings of 5% to 15%. Escalator/De-escalator clauses are built into the agreement to control fuel surcharges. Join our customers and combine your service with theirs and enjoy the benefits of large purchasing leverage which means savings for all. Our current aggregate spend for the Waste Removal program is $50M. You will also gain competitive pricing on waste related items such as cardboard recycling, and plastic recycling. Our flexible program offers multiple solutions for your waste removal needs.