Gain optimal visiblity into vendor performance and your net costs

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A joint venture of Topco Associates LLC and Audit Technology Group



TRADEVIEW ANALYTICS gives you optimal visibility into vendor performance and your net costs

TradeviewAnalytics-Logo-sharper.pngAvantis Partners, a joint venture of Topco Associates LLC and Audit Technology Group, offers retailers an improved method of negotiating with their vendors: TradeView Analytics™ - the only commercially available application for on-demand visibility to vendor performance at the most detailed level, with views into trade funds and net costs to drive fact-based vendor negotiations. TradeView Analytics helps companies optimize trade funds and trade fund effectiveness. To date, nine Topco members, mostly in the grocery industry, are participating in the program.


Negotiate vendor agreements armed with the most reliable information

Retailers use TradeView Analytics to gain negotiating power with vendors. Real time detailed reports give you the information you need:

  • Vendor Summary Score Cards showing sales, purchases, margin, margin contribution, comparisons to other sub category vendors, fill rates, funding, gross to net comparisons and more...
  • P&Ls by vendor including deconstruction of all trade funds by type
  • Category analysis, benchmarking, and gap analysis of vendors participating in like categories
  • Benchmark vendor performance, trade funds, and net cost over any selected prior period, benchmarked against all other participants
  • Clients that share a financial interest with other entities, such as Topco members and customers, also benefit from benchmarking between companies all the way down to item dead net cost:

Cloud based, reliable, secure

TradeView Analytics is a cloud-based SaaS application hosted on Microsoft Azure providing on-demand structured detailed views into vendor performance. The program shows key performance indicators that are tracked with benchmarking and gap analysis to give you detailed information and points of negotiation to drive profits.


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