When it Topco Utilities program means you work with energy experts comes to energy procurement, you have choices:Blue_Button_Get_Our_Brochure_Now.jpg
Continue to purchase from your local utility and give up competitive pricing opportunities, or use a third party supplier and limit your purchasing power - and your ability to aggregate your spend with a larger pool of buyers.


There's a smarter option:  Let our energy experts negotiate on your behalf and get the lowest possible pricing. Consolidate your spend with a large group of buyers, negotiate with multiple suppliers, and take advantage of our expertise to capitalize on changes in the market and reduce your ongoing energy costs. Working with us is seamless!


We work closely with your in-house team to implement a successful utilities purchasing strategy. We go to market to request and negotiate pricing on your behalf. We create an extensive analysis for your review that includes our market projections and recommendations, and alternative buying strategies. The final choice is completely up to you. The benefit of working with Topco is that if you are not ready to commit to pricing received on day one, we simply refresh your pricing the next day or when you're ready.


You gain greater savings and efficiencies, lower your costs, and implement effective business solutions for all your energy needs. You better understand how changes in regulations and industry events affect your utilities procurement decisions. Let us work with your team to present a detailed, planned approach to your energy sourcing needs now and for the future.