We value our suppliers
We know our connection to high quality suppliers is vital to our success. That’s why we give our suppliers opportunities to grow their business through participation with us. We partner with top tier suppliers to meet our customers' product and service needs. Our 65+ customers have the purchasing potential of more than $150 billion dollars representing grocery retail, other retail, wholesale and food related companies across the U.S. As an approved supplier, you will benefit from:
     • Access to potential new customers without prospecting for sales
     • Gain access to grocery and other retailers, wholesalers, and food related companies
     • Promote your products and services to the decision makers
     • Win new business through our online reverse Auction service
     • Participate in our streamlined RFX process with training and feedback
     • Work with our experienced team of sourcing professionals
     • Build efficient sales cycles through our strategic sourcing process

Our unique network of customers and suppliers provides a collaborative platform to drive supply chain efficiencies among all companies. When suppliers join our network and partner with us, they gain access to the second largest food retail consortium in the U.S., after Wal-Mart.



"Topco's Indirect Spend program has enhanced Killion’s exposure to Topco members and other customers. This has enabled us to maintain long term relationships, introduce new products and work on account opportunities that had limited prospects previously. We value our relationship with Topco.”

- Darrell Pines, Vice President, Sales, Killion Industries


“Lenovo has increased our market share among Topco’s independent retailers and wholesalers in the IT/Telecom arena because of our partnership with Topco. Our program is hand-delivered to the decision makers of these customer organizations, and we're pleased with the results of Topco’s efforts.” 

- Paul Burke, Large Enterprise Account Executive, Lenovo USA


Click here to join the Topco Indirect Supplier Network

When you join the Topco Indirect Spend Program's Supplier Network, you gain the opportunity to do business with our 65+ customers in grocery, food service, wholesale, and other retail. Once we approve your company as a supplier partner, we will contact you when new opportunities in your product or service area become available. Our sourcing professionals rely on our Supplier Network as the best source for supplier companies. Register today to become a supplier. You will need to provide company and product/service information. Once approved, we will list you in our supplier network database and when qualified, we will invite you to participate in sourcing initiatives we conduct on behalf of our customers.


Our company pursues minority and women owned business enterprise (M/WBE) suppliers who reflect the diverse communities we and our clients serve. Topco Indirect is committed to providing opportunities to certified (M/WBE) companies to participate as suppliers of products and services to our clients, and we value your participation. In our efforts to support supplier diversity, Topco Indirect Spend Solutions will:

> Promote sourcing of products and services from high-performing minority and women owned business enterprise (M/WBE) suppliers
> Assist M/WBE suppliers in becoming competitive performance leaders in their industries
> Train M/WBE suppliers in our technology and process to allow a competitive leveling of the playing field
> Provide feedback throughout our business relationship to help ensure ongoing high performance
> Enhance the economic vibrancy of the communities served by all