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eBook 1 Image_Cutting Indirect Spend Costs.pngCutting Indirect Spend Costs
The Power of Third-Party Sourcing

Controlling your costs is critical to creating profits. With indirect spend, your goal is to maximize each dollar by purchasing the best quality products and services for the best value. Our eBook helps retailers, wholesalers and distributors to source intelligently and create new profits.







eBook 1 Image_Cutting Indirect Spend Costs.pngManaging Indirect Spend
and Emerging Grocery Trends

Shifting consumer preferences, lifestyles and habits are driving revolutionary transformation in the grocery industry, and creating new challenges for retailers to maintain profitability while meeting changing customer demands. Read about the five biggest trends.



eBook 1 Image_Cutting Indirect Spend Costs.pngThe Value of Strategic Sourcing
For Procurement Professionals

Procurement management is a huge area of opportunity for cost control. Rather than a fulfillment approach, smart sourcing professionals take a proactive information-guided approach to procurement, ensuring best value and increased profits.









Critical Capital Decisions: When to Rent, Lease or Buy Equipment

Every company must make ciritcal decisions that affect its capital budget: whether to rent, lease, or purchase equipment. The eBook advises when it makes the most sense to rent, when leasing is a good business decision, and how purchasing equipment can be a smart strategy.

eBook 4_Transportation Trends_PDF image.pngTrends in Transportation impacting the Grocery Industry

Profitability in grocery supply chains means moving product to stores and into consumer's shopping carts. Food retailers face constant challenges: 

   • Regulation
   • Wage Inflation
   • Rising Costs
   • Liability
Our eBook discusses solutions to these challenges.


Ad-Promo Study Image.pngAdvertising & Promotional Practices Among U.S. Grocery Retailers

Contains responses from a benchmarking survey of 69 supermarkets representing more than $73 Billion in annual retail sales. Provides a detailed look at current practices in advertising and the future for supermarkets.