Topco Indirect Packaging & Consumables programs save you time and money

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As the sourcing experts for packaging and consumables, we are dedicated to helping you get the best products and services for the money, from your current or new suppliers. We do this through market research to identify the best value/quality for your purchases, spend consolidation with our customer base, price negotiation—including auctions, and contract management. We follow up after the contract to ensure all parties deliver what they have promised. And you always stay in control of your specifications, supplier choice, and contract terms. Why go it alone? Join us to enjoy the benefits of streamlined sourcing and lower costs!


The Topco Indirect Packaging & Consumables category represents over $260 Million in annual dollar volume, with retailer participation
increasing up to 53% year over year. Over 50% of spend is in front-end and back-room supplies. We continue to find savings in our broad range of commodities. New companies who join our program will immediately gain these benefits.


Do you have expiring contracts? Review our commodity list below and let us know which you would like to join to gain savings and efficiencies.

(QUOTE: Third-party Supplies Distribution)
"This program functions well and continues to deliver lower costs for Weis Markets. The initial savings is approximately $1M per year. In terms of operations efficiency, this program allowed us to gain control of our books which was important to us as our prior distribution company controlled the content and distribution of the order books."
—Eric Erickson, Director of Purchasing
Weis Markets, Inc.

...Topco Indirect offers bakery category items to save you money
       Bakery Bags - Paper
       Bakery Bags - Poly
       Bakery Chemicals
       Bakery Pan Liners
       Cake Containers
       Clamshell Containers
       Corrugate Cake Boards
       Department Bags - Paper
       Folding Cartons
       Food Containers
       Merchandise Labels

   ..Topco Indirect offers bakery category items to save you money
       Foam Trays
       Food Wrap - Paper

       Meat Film
       Merchandise Labels
       Soaker Pads

...Topco Indirect offers bakery category items to save you money
       Catering Trays
       Chicken Roaster Trays
       Clamshell Containers
       Cups & Lids
       Cutlery & Dinnerware
       Deli Bags
       Deli Containers
       Food Carriers & Holders
       Food Wrap - Poly
       Merchandise Labels
       Roll Foil
       Scale Labels

   ..Topco Indirect offers produce category items to save you money
       Banana Bags
       Department Bags - Poly

       Produce Bags
       Produce Film
       Other Film



...Topco Indirect offers bakery category items to save you money
       Bale Wire
       Can Liners
       Copy Paper
       Corrugate Board
       Distribution Labels
       Floor Care & Sanitation
       Office Supplies
       Office Toner
       Towel & Tissue
       Vinyl & Poly Gloves

   ..Topco Indirect offers pharmacy category items to save you money
       Prescription Labels
       Toner - Store