Topco Indirect Marketing ensures that you compete successfully in the marketplace

Click to get Marketing Team informationWant to increase the business efficiencies of your Marketing, Advertising

and Merchandising programs, while cutting costs?          

Partner with our sourcing professionals to avoid big agency fees and maintain control of every aspect of your operation.

Our goal is to work with you to ensure a competitive market presence while making it seem effortless.

We focus on five areas:


Color_Bar_1_2015_Marketing Broadcast / TV Cable, Radio Management / Circular Distribution Audit / Circular Distribution Management
Color_Bar_2_2015_Marketing Circular Print  /  Paper Brokerage  /  Weekly Signs & Labels  /  Pre-Media Services  /  Consumer Magazine / Corporate Newsletter  / Commercial Signage / Ready-To-Ship Signage
Color_Bar_3_2015_Marketing  In-Store Music  /  In-Store Demonstrations  /  Mystery Shopping  /  Price Optimization
Color_Bar_4_2015_Marketing Customer Loyalty Management  /  Email Marketing Services  /  Marketing Management Software 
Color_Bar_5_2015_Marketing Gift Cards  /  Loyalty Cards  /  Price Checking Services  /  Planograms  /  Premium & Promotion  /  Promotional Games  /  General Merchandising

  Highly Customizable Programs

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Our sourcing team offers customers high-level services, customized to fit your business plan, with data driven strategy at a lower cost. Working with us provides you with:

>  Highly customized programs
>  Lower costs for marketing, advertising, and merchandising services
>  Significant time savings
>  Marketing sourcing professionals who know the business


(Member Quote) 

"We've bid out our

circular printing twice

with Topco.

They’ve delivered

double-digit savings

not once but twice,

along with excellent service,

proactive suggestions

for further savings help

with the transition,

and support as we

brought each new vendor

up to speed.

Great savings, service,

and support keeps our business

with Topco." 

—Dena Kowaloff,

Director of Marketing,

Roche Bros. Supermarkets