Topco Indirect ensures that you compete successfully in the marketplace
Why should manufacturers work with us?Manufacturers can cut costs by 12% or more on indirect products and services through Topco Indirect

We are a highly engaged sourcing organization focused on manufacturing companies. Our clients average 12% savings annually on everything they procure through us. When you work with us, you can reduce your procurement costs and increase your productivity. We deliver impressive results for our retail customers and can duplicate these successes for you!


What we do

Our team of sourcing experts works with manufacturers to strategically source indirect products and services, commodities you procure year in and year out. We make sure that you receive the products, services, and prices you expect from suppliers, and prequalify each supplier before recommending them to you. We also monitor each program through the entire life of your contract to ensure your satisfaction.


Our results

We have delivered more than $40M in collective savings for our clients in 2014 alone, an average of 12% savings for hundreds of products and services you regularly procure, from plastic trash bags to background screening services.

Our relationship-based philosophy guarantees that you enjoy personal service from a team of professionals throughout

the sourcing process. Work with us to reduce your costs across the board, year after year.


Review these impressive numbers for a snapshot of results you can expect
when you work with us.