Our History
Topco's Indirect Spend Solutions program is one of several within our parent company, Topco Associates LLC, located in Elk Grove Village, IL. Topco specializes in aggregating the multi-billion dollar purchases of its members in the procurement of a broad range of products and services in the areas of private label, perishables, not-for-resale, and national brands. Topco manages $150 billion in spend and is the second largest U.S. food retailer. The Indirect Spend Program assists both Topco members and non-members (customers). In 2001, we began as an NFR division within Ahold USA and were acquired by Topco LLC just five years later. Our Indirect Spend Program has experienced consistent positive annual sales growth over the past decade. We are headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts. For more information, please contact us at info@topco.com.


2001     Ahold USA forms a Not-For-Resale (NFR) division.
2003     NFR group becomes Braintree Sourcing and begins working with external customers.
2006     Braintree Sourcing is acquired by Topco and is renamed TopSource LLC.
2007     TopSource surpasses $1B in NFR spend under management.
2008     TopSource realizes early 23% sales growth.
2009     TopSource acquires nine new customers and realizes 9% sales growth.
2010     TopSource surpasses $2B in NFR (indirect) spend under management. Customers total more than 55 retail chains and holding companies.
2011     TopSource continues its solid sales growth for Topco members demonstrating a 26% year-over-year increase for the first quarter.
2012     TopSource continues growth with the addition of new programs including Waste Solutions, HR Benefits, and Unloading Services.
2013     TopSource generates over $40M in collective savings for participating companies representing nearly 12% savings across 12 business categories.
2014     TopSource is renamed Topco Indirect Spend Solutions and continues to support 12 categories of Indirect Spend for Topco members and customers. 
2015     Topco Indirect works with 65+ organizations including grocery retailers, wholesalers, foodservice companies, restaurants, hospitals, cooperatives, and other retailers.

2016     Topco Indirect welcomed four new customers including Ace Hardware, Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG), CTI Foods & Northgate Markets.