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Our Construction and Facilities Management team understands your need to reduce costs to stay on budget and maintain a competitive edge. But we also reduce risk by adding procurement control and strategic value to your entire construction process. Working with leading manufacturers, we support materials, labor, and facilities management by offering opportunities to satisfy your construction requirements.

Construction Products & Materials

Cut costs by sourcing construction materials through Topco. Our aggregated and negotiated purchasing agreements cover many construction divisions:  steel, flooring, paint, polished concrete, and many more. Here is a short list:

Entry Flooring & Mats - Sustainable* - Vestibule and store entrance area carpet tiles and entrance mats including new product installation

Dock Equipment - Seals, doors, levelers, bumpers and lights on the loading docks

Finished Concrete Flooring - Sustainable* - Diamond grinding, polishing, coloring of concrete floors

Fuel Center Canopies and Kiosks - Steel canopies used to shelter fuel dispensing equipment, material only and fuel center kiosks

Fuel Tanks - Underground FRP petroleum storage tanks, material only

Generators - Emergency back-up generator units excluding installation and maintenance

Kitchen Hoods - Stainless steel kitchen hoods for in-store cooking and preparation work

Lamps & Ballasts - Sustainable* - Incandescent, HID, florescent, halogen, and LED lamps and ballasts

Light Fixtures - Sustainable* - Incandescent, HID, florescent, halogen, and LED lamps and ballasts material only

Luxury Vinyl Tile - Sustainable* - Vinyl floor tile typically used as an accent floor covering in specialty areas of the sales floor

Overhead Doors and Security Grills - Overhead doors and grills for security and asset protection

Roofing Materials - Includes membrane, insulation boards, fasteners, and adhesives for new and re-roof projects. Materials only

Roofing Replacement/Repairs - Services to replace or repair existing membrane roofs

Skylights - Sustainable* - Skylights and solar tubes and associated materials

Structural Steel  -  Steel joists and decking

Vinyl Composition Tile - Sustainable* - Vinyl floor tile commonly used in the main sales area of retail store locations

Water Tanks - Sustainable* - Underground Water storage tanks, material only

Construction Services

Our customers have saving opportunities in most areas of Construction Services spend. Current programs include:

Construction Equipment Rental - Rental equipment including aerial equipment, air compressors and air tools, concrete and compaction equipment, contractor tools, generators, welders, landscaping and material handling equipment etc.

Energy Conservation Services - Sustainable* - Lighting and mechanical energy conservation services

Electricians - Sustainable* - Installs, operates, repairs and maintains electrical systems; include wiring, circuit boards, and electronics.

General Contractors - Sustainable* - Provides day-to-day oversight of a construction site, management of vendors and trades, and communication of information to involved parties throughout the course of a building project.

Facilities Management

Cut costs and gain a more efficient process. We have pre-qualified contractors you may hire for your facilities management needs:

Automatic Door Maintenance - Sustainable* - Professional maintenance provides repair services, planned maintenance programs, and equipment modernization programs. Technicians inspect, troubleshoot, repair, and modernize all automatic door openings, manual door openings, and safe lock openings, and repair or replace components as specified by the manufacturer.

Generator Service - Sustainable* - Inspection, service, repair, and maintenance plans for commercial-grade industrial generators and equipment. Includes diagnostics, maintenance, custom installations, exhaust systems and warranty repairs. Performed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or tailored to your application.

Lighting Maintenance - Sustainable* - Lighting Maintenance, Relamping and special lighting projects. Lighting repairs and service provided on a regular schedule, including preventative mainteance to keep costs in line, maintain desired light levels, and keep your lighting system properly maintained. Upgrades and retrofits performed as requested.

*SustainableSustainable programs help sustain the environment by using materials that are designed to have the least possible negative impact on the environment. Sustainability enhances the corporate image and positively impacts the profitability of our clients through the promotion of environmentally conscious, socially responsible, and sustainable business practices.