Topco Indirect ensures that you compete successfully in the marketplace
Why should convenience stores work with us?C-stores can cut costs by 12% or more on indirect products and services through Topco Indirect
As the second largest food cooperative in the U.S., we are a highly engaged sourcing organization focused on mid-sized businesses in food retail. Our customers are mid-to large-sized U.S. food related companies. Working with us, they reduce procurement costs for indirect products and services and increase their productivity. We can duplicate these successes for you! 


What we do

Our team of sourcing experts work with convenience store retailers to strategically source indirect products and services, which include everything your company needs to operate that isn't resold to customers. We ensure that you receive the products, services, and prices you expect from suppliers, and monitor each program through the entire life of your contract.


Our results

We have delivered more than $40M in collective savings for our clients in 2014 alone, an average of 12% savings for hundreds of products and services you need every day to run your business. Our hands-on relationship-based philosophy guarantees that you enjoy personal service from a team of professionals throughout the sourcing process.

Read what other food retailers say about us:
"Topco provides us with market intelligence, competitive pricing, and the option to decide who we want to do business with while maintaining a low overall cost."  - Randy Fletcher, Vice President, Associated Grocers
"When you aggregate our spend with other Topco customers, it leverages us to a better buying position. We saved over six figures on one initiative alone and over seven figures in one year working with Topco. Being able to save that kind of money that goes straight to the bottom line is very rewarding."  - Drew Hembree, Food City
"Topco has made a huge difference in our PBM [Prescription Benefit Management] program.... They supplement our resources and offer better pricing with the ability to aggregate spend with other members. The HR Benefits team is a great extension to our team."  - Carol Baier, Meijer, Inc.