• Our 50 sourcing experts specialize in 12 categories of indirect spend
  • Combine your spend with Topco Indirect clients and go to market big
  • work with Topco Indirect to implement creative business solutions that save time and cut costs
  • Topco Indirect has deep industry knowledge that means more success for your procurement team
  • Topco Indirect can save you 12% or more across hundreds of commodities you need to run your business
Who we are

Topco Indirect is a highly engaged sourcing organization focused on mid-sized businesses in grocery retail, wholesale, foodservice, and other specialty retail sectors. We serve more than 70 clients and have access to 850+ suppliers. Our strategic sourcing process reduces procurement costs and streamlines your buying decisions. 

Our goal is to grow your bottom line and help you spend dollars wisely. Our overview gives a quick snapshot of our services.
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What we do

We provide sourcing for indirect spend products and services—anything you need to run your company that isn’t resold to your customers. Our proven strategic sourcing solutions deliver savings and ensure our clients receive quality products and services at the best possible price from the suppliers they choose. 

But we aren’t a one-and-done company. We provide ongoing contract and supplier management throughout the lifetime of each contract.   

Do you know what you spend to run your business? Our FREE WHITEPAPER will help you analyze your savings potential.

Why work with us

We leverage the purchasing power of our clients and have delivered more than $440 million in savings since 2006—an average of 10% across 11 categories of indirect spend.

Our relationship-based service guarantees that you have a team of professionals in every step of the sourcing and procurement process.

We're experts in 11 categories of indirect spend. We’ll get to know your needs then help you reach your financial goals. We succeed when you succeed!

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